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Speak not one Word

“You have no right to say a single word about me, my choices or my past. ‘Cause you weren’t there, and you didn’t get your heart broken, and you didn’t watch me bounce right back.”

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Hold my Hand

You and my time just don’t mix…

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Love and Forget

Love the people that treat you right, and forget about the ones who don’t believe in you.

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Eyes vs. Ears

My eyes verses my ears…I pick eyes, but when it comes to love my ears rule..

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I’m a sucker for Legos

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the world is a vampire

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I Wish…

I wish I…

  1. could read minds
  2. predict with weather accurately
  3. would not freak out at the sight of blood
  4. was more honest
  5. was less messy
  6. had more time to read
  7. could trust in another
  8. could let go
  9. didn’t over think everything
  10. was a slower driver
  11. had a healthier stomach
  12. didn’t have bills
  13. had more hours in the day
  14. only had good dreams
  15. was a human lie detector
  16. could live with less sleep
  17. could better express myself
  18. was a professional photographer
  19. was a professional dancer
  20. was done with my homework

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Taking an Interest

It never fails to fascinate me when someone takes an interest in me.

The thing is that I can never just believe they are purely interested in me; I look for the motives.

We can explain how to lose trust, but went we speak of gaining trust it is just remarked that it takes time. What if you meet someone and it doesn’t take them anytime at all you just feel the need to give it to them?

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How important is the physical side of a relationship really?
Okay this may sound like a odd question but on the mental level what kind of intimacy is needed for strong bonding if any?

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Trying this Honesty Thing

You know what makes honestly so frustrating? you never see the beauty of truth and honesty. I’m not sure why that is when everyone knows how easy it is to spill lies instead of owning up to truth.

For the first time in a relationship I had the opportunity to lie to make something appear better, but I chose to be honest.

You know I wonder if he even notice that I was honest instead of lying? But then there are an immeasurable amount of times I have been told the truth over lies and failed to give anyone credit.

I have never been excited about someones honesty because I have always figured that is what people are “supposed to do.” Now I am beginning to see that honesty isn’t a must with people anymore and should be valued.

I want to have a relationship based on truth, trust, and honesty. I think I can do that.

I don’t want to be a bad girl anymore. I was old fashioned before and last year I chose to be a bad girl. Honesty wasn’t a huge thing to me. I feel much more like myself in my old fashion ways.

I don’t know how this boy is getting me to rethink my last year choice to be a bad girl and change back to myself old fashioned and traditional.

I guess a bad girl was about having fun, but that didn’t work for me. Now I am having fun, and I think my honesty might be noticed.

Maybe it is just how do you tell someone you noticed their honesty?

Building Trust

October 7, 2008 at 11:12 pm 1 comment

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