College Apartment Living

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As a college senior, I have liven on campus every day of my college career:

Two years in traditional dorms, One year in a 4 bedroom 2 bath apartment on campus with three female room mates (only one of which I knew), and currently in a 4 bedroom 4 bath apartment on campus with three female roommates (only one of which I know).

Dorm living is a priceless experience that is a must for all college students, hands down.

Both apartment I have lived in are located at the heart of campus and only students live in them. The Buildings are Co-ed but as I have said I have only lived in rooms with females.

I want to give a little insight to apartment campus living. My first idea was to do a pros/cons list, but I thought maybe just the facts would be more beneficial to readers…

  1. It is impossible not to make awesome friends, and lasting relationships.
  2. You will meet people more intolerable than you have ever imagined.
  3. Privacy exists only in your head.
  4. Writing your name on your stuff mean nothing..take that back it sometimes is a reference to who you have pissed off by taking it or breaking it.
  5. Don’t loan anything that you wouldn’t give away. That’s right sell your text books don’t loan them.
  6. The words “maybe” and “whatever” as a response to questions means “yes” all of the time.
  7. You will hate your roommate’s significant other…you must it is like a law of nature…Don’t worry the favor will be returned.
  8. Girls cry more often than not during the time you are trying to fall asleep.
  9. The room/apartment will never be a comfortable temperature…you may get the joy or living with a thermostat Nazi, the kids that never got to touch the thermostat at home can’t keep their hands off of it.
  10. Ground/First floor is the most dangerous and unsafe floor of the bunch…example: break ins
  11. Your parents should not visit.
  12. Lock your door…yeah your new bff does steal.
  13. the shower floor is never safe/clean….ehh bleach may help a little
  14. The people upstairs will bowl at night and your neighbor listens to rap at unreasonable hours at deafening volume.
  15. Roommates will leave their alarm clocks on after they leave for the weekend or holiday.
  16. Your alarm clock will stop working for whatever reason during finals week.
  17. Wear shoes when outside apartment…beer comes in glass…be careful.
  18. Sticky stuff is everywhere trust me and don’t smell it.
  19. Fire alarms are a way of life.
  20. the furniture stinks
  21. Everyone will want to do laundry at the same time.
  22. The drier is like an extension of your roommate’s closet so they will just leave their clothes in there for you to handle.
  23. Clothes will disappear.
  24. Food is always fair game…like a contest of holding out to see who can wait the longest before grocery shopping.
  25. You will get locked out of the room only when your roommates are not home.
  26. Windows are pointless we never open the blinds.

More someday….


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