Four is a Crowd

September 25, 2008 at 12:52 am Leave a comment

I have now lived on a college campus for three plus years. This year I am in an on campus apartment. The apartment is second floor with four bedrooms, and four bathrooms. I only knew one of my roommates before I moved in and it is an all girl apartment.

Bedroom A: is me. senior.

Bedroom B: the roomie I already knew and lived with the year before. This is her third year but she has no major and doesn’t really have a goal. She has an aggressive personality. None of my friends like her they just participate because I am there. She really doesn’t have any friends and is a hypochondriac.

Bedroom C: is a stranger. A girl from Iran with the same major as me. She is shy.

Bedroom D: is engaged so I see a lot of her boyfriend and she is in a thermostat war with me.

I’m an only child and have a hard time sharing space. I hate sharing the kitchen. I want my stuff there when I want to use it; I don’t want to have to wash something first.

This petty drama like thermostat wars, and washing clothes in a noisy washer at all hours is just irrating. I want to be noisy. I don’t like closing doors, just a preference, but with roomies you have to.

When I came to school I was so excited about having a roommate, I was nervous about being a bad roomie. The first roomie didn’t shower for weeks on end and didn’t even change clothes. I had exchange student catch parts of my kitchens on fire. I had a roomie put liquid soap in a dishwasher and didn’t understand why the kitchen was filled with bubbles. Late night lockouts and weeks of silent treatment is a life style that I don’t enjoy.


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