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So, I do most of my writing from what I know best, which is the adventures of being a 21 year old college senior girl. I go to school in the south and I have chosen a bachelors of science from a male dominated major.

Currently, I have a handful of super best friends (all being males except for one). I am starting a relationship with a very cute and intellectual boy I refer to in this blog as D. He asked me to be his girlfriend on Sept 4!!! I have a passion for photography, and I am thinking about getting my masters in that field.

I live on campus in a very small apartment with three other females. I wish so much to live with boys. Don’t get me wrong though I am pretty girl and have a shoe and bag collection that would scare most. This is my last Fall semester here and I can’t wait to walk across the stage and get my degree in May! I will be graduating a year before D because his major is a five year program. I’m not sure what this role is going to play in my life.

I realized today that however young my relationship is with D, I am very excited at the newness and the simplicity of it. It is a slow going relationship as I have only hugged him. For the most part we only go on double dates, which I’m not a fan of. If you are a boy reading this think about it. On a date, you are trying to impress. You take along a friend thinking that it makes the situation more comfortable but in reality you take your friend. Now your chosen cutie has to deal with three strangers when she is trying you learn about you. You might think that a double date takes some of the pressure off of you but really now you have to hope your friend doesn’t say something that weirds her out. I mean a date is an interview…lets keep it that way.

I worked over the summer as an intern, but right now I don’t have a job. I am hoping that I have saved enough money from the summer to push me though this year. This is the hope.

Here lately I am trying to get into the photography sense. I entered a competition with six of my photos against 500 photos and not a one got in. I was a little discouraged but I want to try again. I think I can do this.

I wanted on a job offer from the company I interned with this summer. I hope hear from them in the next few week. I must hear from them before October.

I kind of feel like I am in a weird limbo like state of life. I’m really not going anywhere right yet but everywhere is in front of me.


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