Fear in Clear Dreams

September 12, 2008 at 12:41 am Leave a comment

I had a dream last night. It was not a fluid dream, but it was crystal clear. Teeth are a big hang up for me. The dream started with me and a few friends. No particular friends that I can remember now since waking up. I got a stud place above my lip on the right side. A small diamond implanted. Then I was given medicine to make me fall asleep. It really didn’t work completely as I was still conscience. Above my right front tooth a half inch hole was drilled to hold a large diamond. Nothing bad happened to my teeth. The hole was drilled like a cone. It didn’t hurt and everyone around me thought it was really cool. The diamond was placed in. My gums in the dream were much larger than in real life. I looked in the mirror and hated it. I had the diamond taken out immediately. I looked in the hole and saw into my sinus cavity. There was no blood in the whole dream. I saw a metal or grey looking bit back in the cone space drilled into my gums. The plan was to fill the hole with a blue clay like material. I woke up.

I just want to loose that image of me looking into a mirror and seeing that hole in my gums. All day today I have been running my tongue across my front teeth and gums.

I have such vivid dreams. I want a happy one. I want something that doesn’t upset me just to think about.


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Doing Right By Me is it in the kiss

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