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College Classroom Guidelines

  1. Vague indirect questions from professors seen to plague this program.
  2. You can participate too much in class. (freshmen)
  3. Never be the first to answer a question because even when your answer is right it will be called incorrect as by the default programming in the brains of the professors. To answer first means there will be minimal discussion in their minds, thus removing the need for a two hour classroom slot.
  4. Yes, in college there is still assigned seating.
  5. First row seating is a no, no foot rests, and no coloring.
  6. Edge/wall seating makes sleeping too easy.
  7. Back wall seating is bad in old professors classes becaus they tend to whisper inportant points like they are special secrets.
  8. If you are not an auditory learner you are going to be hurting in business classes.
  9. Once in class never look at the clock, it some how magically makes time slow down every time you look into the face of the clock.
  10. Religion will be brought up in 70% of the classes; welcome to the south.
  11. There really is no such thing as honest discussion in class: discussion = opportunity for professors to argue their opinion with themselves
  12. Twenty years from now scientists will discover that overhead classroom projectors are harmful to the eyes.
  13. The whole, “if your professor is ten minutes late you can just left” never applies. It is a myth, completely and totally. Written nowhere and spoken everywhere. Just sit down and wait you have nothing else to do because you were already planning to go to class.

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